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‘Every Great Film Should Seem New Every Time You See It’ – Roger Ebert

Those words, spoken by revered and renowned film critic Roger Ebert, encapsulate the beauty of film.

Film, as an art form, has the potential to provoke a reaction in a myriad of emotions; portray a tale as large as human evolution or as small as 90 minutes in a coffin; transport the audience across continents, dimensions and galaxies; manipulate a worldview and inspire the future.

Through film, I’ve experienced both World Wars, the Vietnam War, Elizabethan England, the Wild West and outer space. I have fought sharks alongside Quint and Brody; escaped prison with Andy Dufresne and helped Ilsa board that plane. What film has the potential to do is drain away the fragile abhorrence of modern day and give you a new outlook; a new idea; a new mindset.

For me, film is the perfect art form – a deft blend of the visual and the auditory to enchant, delight, terrify, teach and inspire. Discussing film with someone who shares your passion is truly a delight. Debating anything in film – ranging from hidden meanings to simply your thoughts on quality – is what I wish to encourage.

I love film – and while I may not currently have a degree, PhD, A-Level, GCSE or 60 years of experience in this industry: it matters to me. I want to promote healthy film discussion and appreciate how great this art-form is and what it has the potential to accomplish. Not to say positivity and optimism are the sole attitudes towards film: anger, hatred and loathing are absolutely viable in certain cases. But no matter what my opinion is, another critic’s opinion is, the general audience’s opinion is or your opinion is – I want to talk about film in a civilised, passionate and adoring manner.

Through this blog I will post weekly reviews, hypothetically averaging a review every  Wednesday and Friday at 7pm London Time. Then on Sundays, an editorial should be released – either a summary off the week’s news and my opinions on it or another form of writing, such as a think-piece or a list.

I will review movies old and new; the latest releases and classics of the 1920s. All I want is to promote film discussion – and watch great movies.

Let’s all watch some great movies.

– Ethan Jones